Eric Rasmussen, Editor

Eric Rasmussen moved to Eau Claire before fourth grade, and he hasn't left since. He attended the University of Wisconsin–Eau Claire (UWEC), then got a job as an English teacher at Memorial High School. He even bought the house he grew up in from his parents. He earned an MFA from Augsburg College in Minneapolis, and his work has appeared in various publications, including Fugue, Sundog Lit, Gulf StreamPithead ChapelSouth Carolina Review, and extensively in Volume One. Visit for more.


Kate Hinnant, Poetry Editor

Kate Hinnant’s first year in Eau Claire was the worst of her life. She had pneumonia three times, fractured her vertebra, and even died for a minute. But she doesn’t blame the city. Since 2002, she has taught in the English department at UWEC and now serves as a professor of research and instruction in McIntyre Library. She studied anthropology at Cornell University, and then got an MFA at Purdue and a master’s in library science at the University of Illinois. While at Purdue, she served as poetry editor of Sycamore Review.  She has poems published in New England ReviewCimarron Review, and decomP magazinE. Her life is made possible by her twin tweens, Sally and Leo, and her husband who teaches film and theory at the university.

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Charlotte Kupsh, Prose Editor

Charlotte is a graduate student in English-Writing at UWEC. She's also a graduate assistant director in the university's Center for Writing Excellence, where writers from all backgrounds continually challenge her to think about writing in new ways. Her BA in writing and political science is also from Eau Claire, a city that she's been living in and writing about for over five years. Her historical fiction about the lumber industry in Eau Claire can be found in The Madison Review. Previously, she was editor-in-chief of NOTA, a literary and fine arts magazine, and also briefly worked as a technical writer in Madison, Wisconsin. 


Jodie Arnold, Poetry Reader

Jodie Arnold is a second-year creative writing graduate student at UWEC. She writes plays, creative non-fiction, and poetry and has been published in Volume OneTwig, Nourrir Magazine, and has blogged for BabyFirstTV. She recently won the Lakefly Writing Contest for her poem, “A Dead Mother’s Child.” When she’s not writing, she’s co-hosting a podcast, “Tell Me Something Weird”, planning women-centered literary events, and drawing hotdog comics for the Eau Claire zine, “Fanboy.” She likes drinking beer at The Joynt, eating burgers at The Amber Inn, and shopping at Revival Records.

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Jessi Peterson, Poetry Reader

Jessi Peterson moved to the Chippewa Valley the summer before 3rd grade, arriving just in time to miss the famous 1980 storm.  She is a children’s librarian in Chippewa Falls and her favorite days of the week are storytime days (Tuesdays and Fridays, 10:30 and 11, join us!).  She loves reading and singing and acting silly, all in the service of growing the next generation of readers. She also loves to be out in the woods or on the river in a kayak, which is why her (fabulous) husband is building a treehouse where she can write in the woods and look out over the river. For several years she has served as co-leader of one of the Young Writers Workshops during the Chippewa Valley Book Festival and is a member of the Poets of the Oak Lair, a local poetry workshop group. Her work has appeared in Wisconsin People and Ideas, Sky Island Journal , the Local Lit column of Volume One and the inaugural issue of Barstow and Grand


Ashly Curtis, Poetry Reader

Ashly Curtis was born and raised in the Chippewa Valley. She graduated with a degree in English-Creative Writing from UW-Eau Claire in 2013 and has been desperately trying to figure out what to do with that degree ever since. She’s currently the textbook manager at the UW-Eau Claire campus bookstore. Having finally embraced the fact that she might actually be a poet, Ashly has joined local poetry group Poets of the Oak Lair and published pieces in twig and Barstow & Grand under pen name Ash Lee. If she’s not writing, you can find her attending Chippewa Valley Writer’s Guild events, reading for one of three book clubs she’s in, or playing with her dog Clementine.



Thain Irwin, Prose Reader

Thain Irwin attended UWEC where he was an English major and part of the selection committee for NOTA magazine, as well as a contributing writer. After leaving the area and teaching English for a while, he switched careers, became a nurse, and made his way back to the Chippewa Valley, and has been wondering why he ever left. Since then, as a writer as well, he splits his time between work, Chippewa Valley Writers Guild activities, and staring at a blank word processing document while shaking his fist at the fickle muses.


Karen Olson, Prose Reader

Karen J. Olson is a writer, speaker and editor whose work has been published locally, nationally and internationally in fiction, creative nonfiction and inspirational genres. Column writing is her first love and she wrote local columns called “Life on the Exceptional Side” for Family Times, and “Just a Thought …“ for Quality of Life Times. She is a frequent contributor to the Chicken Soup for the Soul™ books which pretty much feels like an extension of her column writing. She fell in love with Eau Claire when she attended UWEC (despite the frigid footbridge on campus) and never left. She helped build the adaptive garden beds in Eau Claire and drove a bus full of ninety-year-olds to the site each week one summer to revisit their roots in gardening. She spends her free time reading, rubber stamping, and rescuing her characters from certain death. 


Ryan Purdy, Prose Reader

Ryan L. Purdy is a high school English teacher and biscuit enthusiast residing in central Minnesota with his wife, their two daughters, and a couple of dogs. He graduated from San Francisco State University, and is in the process of earning an MFA in Creative Writing from Augsburg University in Minneapolis. Though he lives on the other side of the St. Croix, he frequently visits Wisconsin with his family, often passing through the Chippewa Valley. After attending one of Cirenaica’s legendary fiction residencies, he feels an even stronger connection to the Chippewa Valley, and its community. His fiction has appeared in Talking Soup, Barstow and Grand, and Volume One. You can read more at

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BJ Hollars, Consulting Editor

B.J. Hollars is the author of several books, most recently Flock Together: A Love Affair With Extinct Birds. Hollars serves as a mentor for Creative Nonfiction, a contributing blogger for Brain,Child and the founder and executive director of the Chippewa Valley Writers Guild. An associate professor of English at the University of Wisconsin–Eau Claire, he lives a simple existence with his wife, their children, and their dog. For more, visit


Alex Zitzner, Intern

Alexander Zitzner is a student at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, where he serves as the Editor-In-Chief to their award-winning biannual undergraduate fine arts, literature, and music publication, NOTA. His poems have recently appeared or are forthcoming in Zaum MagazineBarstow & GrandSky Island Journaltwig, among others. He is proud to be a part of the Chippewa Valley literary scene.


Sarah Ferraro, Photographer

Sarah Jo is an artist in the Eau Claire community. Using the feminist revolution as her muse, she collages, photographs, films, doodles, and writes poems about the lives of gals and pals. As a Bachelor of Fine Arts student at UWEC, Sarah works as a photographer and designer for NOTA, a literary and fine arts magazine. She also is a photographer for the Eaux Claires Music and Arts Festival, where she is reborn in creativity every summer. 


Staff Alumni: Jan Carroll (Poetry Reader, Issue #1), Yia Lor (Prose Reader, Issue #1), Katie Venit (Prose Reader, Issue #1)