Barstow & Grand is an annual print journal, published in the fall, that highlights writers connected to western Wisconsin's Chippewa Valley.

In 2016, the Chippewa Valley Writers Guild began its mission to support regional writers through craft talks, writing residencies, readings, and other high-impact community initiatives. Within a year, guild members suggested that a regional publication seemed a natural expansion of these activities, and thus, Barstow & Grand was born.   

Barstow & Grand strives to fulfill a humble mission: to support local writers by providing both editorial and publication opportunities for writers in this region and beyond. In doing so, we seek to grow and professionalize our entire writing community. Preparing and sending out one's work is a significant step in the evolution of every writer, and Barstow & Grand is excited to serve as an outlet.

Additionally, this publication also serves the greater writing community by directing all profits from issue sales and submission fees back into the Chippewa Valley Writers Guild.  Every time you submit, you not only give yourself a chance to publish, you also give other local writers the chance to learn by way of free, high-impact educational opportunities such as craft talks.

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The Name Barstow & Grand

The Chippewa Valley is the part of Western Wisconsin that lies in the watershed of the Chippewa River, and it contains numerous cities and towns, including Chippewa Falls, Menomonie, and Altoona. Eau Claire is the largest, and the intersection of Barstow Street and Grand Avenue  lies in the middle of downtown Eau Claire. This particular intersection also represents an interesting occurrence that is taking place throughout the valley–an artistic rejuvenation, a balancing of history and progress to bring new energy to the area and its residents. Barstow and Grand used to house Woolworth's and numerous other important businesses. Now it's home to the Eau Claire Children's Museum and the newly renovated Lismore Hotel.

This intersection, then, works as a metaphor for what we hope to accomplish with this journal. The heart of the community. Progress rooted in history and tradition. Artistic energy and rejuvenation.

Plus, it sounds cool. We think. 

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